Who We Are

What We Do

We are a Tattoo Spa that wants to bring confidence and wellness to the Philadelphia area.​

A group of artists wanting to make Philadelphia feel even more loved!​

Professional makeup artists and trained reiki practioners.

Award winning microbladers and certified tattoo artists.

We love what we do and we want to give back.


We offer a variety of services to make you feel your best!

Starting with makeup services, makeup classes and parties. Reiki services, wellness classes. tattoos and cosmetic tattoos.

A percentage of each service goes back into the pot to purchase products, host events and provide classes for those going through cancer treatments.

We donate our time to perform the services that you helped fund while you were getting pampered

Why A Tattoo Spa?

Creating a "Tattoo Spa" is our way of being able to offer all the services neccessary to truly fulfill our passion of being able to give confidence to those who are battling cancer.

We work with leading cancer centers in the area to be able to provide microblading to patients before they undergo chemo so that they never have to experience the lose of their brows. We also work with them to be able to offer tattoos after their surgerys so that we can turn their strength marks into even more beautiful pieces of art.